COVID-19 letter campaign

virtual | digital | zine

Our letter-writing campaigns are helping us stay in touch with our customers inside even while our capacity to send books is limited.

To stay in touch with our people inside and let them know we were thinking of them during Covid-19, we did a series of virtual letter-writing campaigns in April and May of 2020. Volunteers were supplied names and addresses of people who had requested books from us during the pandemic, and a template that used the amazing “What to do during a pandemic” series by Ricardo Levins Morales. They personalized these notes during a group Zoom call.

Our letter-writing template used coloring book images from Ricardo Levins Morales and Cory Teshera-Levye.

We have since received a myriad of responses from people inside, telling us about conditions in prison during Covid-19, and sharing words of solidarity with others inside. The responses were powerful, and we can’t wait to share the words with you. We are currently working on a zine that will be mailed back to people inside, and informational materials to share with our volunteers, donors and supporters on the outside.