The Women’s Prison Book Project

LATEST UPDATE                                                                                                              3/18/2020

Dear Friends,

The Women’s Prison Book Project collective has decided, in light of the most recent COVID-19 update, to no longer hold Sunday volunteer mailings.  The collective will continue sending books with 1 or 2 people present throughout the week and do the work to continue to keep the project running.

At the moment, we are cooking up an at-home activity for our volunteers to do sending black and white postcards into prison.  Keep up to date at our FB page, Twitter, or Instagram account.

In Solidarity,

The WPBP collective.


Dear WPBP supporters,                                                                                  3/9/2020

Our bookstore partner of the past 9 years, Boneshaker Books is shutting down immediately.  We will need to move out of the book store perhaps as soon as the end of this month.  For the time being, we will continue to have our Sunday volunteer hours from 12 pm to 3 pm through the month of March.  We expect to have to postpone regular Sunday mailings in the near future and we will update our website when we know more.  Due to the bookstore closing, book donations can no longer be dropped off at the bookstore except during WPBP hours on Sundays.



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