Donate Books

Purchase books from our online wish lists

We have three online wish lists at local bookstores:

Boneshaker Bookstore: Ship to our new address, 3751 17th Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55407

Black Garnet Books: Ship to our new address, 3751 17th Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55407

Moon Palace Books: Write “WPBP” in the notes at checkout. Staff will set them aside for us.

Thrift Books (sources primarily used books – great option): Ship to our new address, 3751 17th Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55407

We still have our wish list at Amazon, but would love for you to shop at our local partners if possible!

Some of the titles we’ve received from our online wish lists

Drop off books (Minneapolis, MN)

Books should be soft covered, not older than 20 years old, and in good quality. If you have any questions about whether the books you want to donate are appropriate, please email

Please consider only donating books that we send frequently.

  • Mysteries
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Craft/Art
  • Horror
  • True Crime
  • LGBTQ topics
  • DIY
  • Fashion/Beauty/Exercise
  • Dictionaries
  • Health topics
  • Spirituality: Wicca, Christian, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, etc
  • Alcohol and drug recovery

Donate Used Books

Due to Covid-19, receiving book donations takes a little more planning than before. We currently cannot accept package delivery at our old location, Boneshaker Books. Complete this form and we will reply to confirm your books are a good fit for us . This helps us manage the limited space we have for book overflow. Thank you! We will ask you to either mail in your books or drop them off at a specific date/time.

Our mailing address is: WPBP 3751 17th Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55407

Sending books by USPS media mail rate will be the most economical route.

Solicit Donations from Publishers & Authors

Contacting publishers and authors directly is a good way to get book donations. In the past WPBP has gotten donations from authors like Barbara Kingsolver, Adrienne Rich, Sara Paretsky, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Anne Rule. We’ve gotten donations from publishers like Firebrand Press, South End Press, Random House, and EEG Press (the famous “Dummies” series of books). The books are new and in great condition, we can often get large quantities of certain titles, and it is an effective way to collect specific kinds of books that are always in demand.

It can also be time consuming and frustrating as you have may have to deal with rejection, lack of a response at all, and getting referred from person to person. But if you are up to the challenge, contact us and let us know!